Open geo data is changing your industry

Unlock the potential of your data by combining it with our open geo data.

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Your industry?

Do you sell a product or service related to your customer's house?

Using open geo data, we have calculated various properties for all houses in Belgium such as the building type, roof inclination, number of rooms and many more. This can significantly enrich your data.

We apply the latest artificial intelligence techniques on this enriched dataset to build predictive models that can radically change your business and industry.

Insurers and banks can strenghten risk management, improve pricing differentiation and speed up the transaction process.

Electricity providers can forecast future energy consumption and assess their customer's "roof potential" for solar panels.

Open Geo Data?

Open geo data is every publicly available piece of information with a spatial dimension.


Our state of the art address cleaner, based on published address lists maintained by local authorithies, will improve the quality of your address data.


With the ground shapes of buildings and parcels we calculate various house characteristics: house type, distance to street, garden surface, ...

Aerial images

Using image recognition techniques, we identify building features such as swimming pools or solar panels.

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3D models

With the recent Lidar technology we build a 3D model of every building, out of which we extract the roof type and the facade surface.


Our methodology

We know how important your data is, so you remain in control of the whole process. Internal data never leaves your organisation. We offer full transparancy on any tailor made predictive model we build for you.

1. Curated data lake

Don't let your data scientists waste valuable time on processing and maintaining open geo datasets. Give them a headstart with our curated data lake.

2. Clean and enrich your data

After cleaning your addresses, we merge your data with our open geo data lake.

3. Predictive modeling

Your data is now richer than ever. Use it create new insights and take better decisions.

4. Deployment and maintenance

Deploy your model in a cloud or on your servers. Retrain it regularly with newer versions of both your data and our open geo data lake.

We can assist you at different levels of this process and aim to empower your data science team

The team

We have extensive experience in both the financial services sector and the energy industry. We understand your challenges and can help you.

profile picture of Pietjan Vandooren

Pietjan Vandooren

Material science engineer
Financial Markets expert
CFA Charterholder

profile picture of Kasper Van Lombeek

Kasper Van Lombeek

Energy engineer
Geo statistician
Data Scientist

profile picture of Mathieu Carette

Mathieu Carette

Mathematician, PhD
Software Engineer
Data Scientist

Maxime Carpentier

Maxime Carpentier

Advisory board member
CEO Zerocopy

Toon Vanagt

Toon Vanagt

Advisory board member
Managing partner,
Chairman Open Knowledge Belgium

Seppe vanden Broucke

Seppe vanden Broucke

Advisory board member
Assistant Professor at KU Leuven

Join us?

Interested in statistics and machine learning applied in the fintech world? There is lots of interesting work to be done. We look for creative people with a "done is better than perfect" attidude.

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