07/12/18 • Kasper Van Lombeek

Address matching: as much as possible or better safe than sorry?

Depending on the context of the exercise, different metrics regarding adres matching are important. For some exercises you want to match 100% of the addresses. But in most of the Rockestate exercises, we don't need a 100% matching ratio. We need to be a 100% sure of each match. We illustrate this diffference with some examples.

15/11/18 • Mathieu Carette

Is It Your Solar Panel or Your Neighbour's?

Why 2D needs 3D: correcting building perspective in orthophotos

19/10/18 • Kasper Van Lombeek

Old school feature engineering

Although automated feature engineering is hot today, we still highly value feature engineering based on background knowlegde. We demonstrate this approach with an example.

21/03/18 • Mathieu Carette

The art of computing a building's volume

Challenges encountered while computing volumes and how to cope with them.

05/02/18 • Kasper Van Lombeek & Mathieu Carette

Fosdem 2018 was awesome

Fosdem gets better year after year. It's fun to see lots of known faces at the geospatial devroom, and this time we also gave a talk. We share a link to the video of the talk, and list some talks we liked ourselves.

18/01/18 • Kasper Van Lombeek

Discovering structure in first names by analysing user clicks

Thousands of people clicked on hundreds of names on our recommender system NamesILike.com. The result of applying matrix factorization on these user clicks reveal an unseen structure in our first names.

29/11/17 • Kasper Van Lombeek

Roof solar potential energy

Can we estimate the potential for solar energy for each roof in Flanders based on our 3D models for buildings? And what about the Zonnekaart of the Energie Agentschap Vlaanderen?

10/11/17 • Mathieu Carette

Turning a Jupyter Notebook Into a Presentation

Quickly make an interactive presentation with two lines of CSS

26/10/17 • Mathieu Carette

A Tour of 3D Point Cloud Processing

Combining the strengths of pdal, ipyvolume and jupyter

08/09/17 • Kasper Van Lombeek

How We Accurately Tagged 38.000 Flemish Private Swimming Pools

Using open aerial images, a list of 1000 addresses with swimming pools, and gdal, aws and scikit-learn as data science tools.